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When do you want to arrive? For a morning arrival take the night ferry, which departs at approximately 10.45 pm and arrives at 7.30 am.

Ferries depart from: Poole and Portsmouth

And arrive into: Caen, Le Havre and Cherbourg

For Portsmouth Departures and group sailings a very good meeting place is at The Ship and Castle, 90 Rudmore Square, Portsmouth. PO2 8DR. The Licensee, Mr Steven Fitzgerald,is known to us and if you phone ahead it is £20.00 to leave your car for a weekend. Please mention Kate Russell or Maggie Sargents name so that he knows we have referred you.


Book your cabins in plenty of time, as these do get sold out. Limited pet-friendly cabins are also available on some ferries, but again these get sold out quickly.

Afternoon Arrival

Take ferry at 8.00 am and you will be in Caen at 3.00 pm and at the house by 4.30 pm. Supermarkets shut at 8.00 pm, but you can organise food to be brought in for your arrival.

Night Arrival

The 2.00 pm ferry arrives at 9.00 pm, and you will be at the house by 10.30 pm.

Taking your Dog on the Ferry

If you want to take your dog to France there are a few things you need to make sure you do before you go. Firstly, you need to let the ferry company aware that you will be travelling with your dog. The current cost is £25.00 each way per dog.

Your dog needs an up-to-date pet passport and also needs to be microchipped and have had a rabies jab administered at least 21 days before you travel. The regulations for taking a pet to Europe are changing from 01 Jan 2021. It is important that you go to well in advance of traveling to ensure there is no problem taking your pet into France. You therefore need to book an appointment at your vet and in this appointment, they will give your dog a rabies vaccination (and microchip if need be) as well as sorting your pet passport. The microchip will be scanned by passport and border officials as you make your journey to and from France.

You then need to book an appointment at the vet in France for your dog to be given a tapeworm tablet, which should be taken no more than 120 hours (5 days), and no less than 24 hours before you return to the UK from France. The tapeworm tablet costs around €30. There is a vet within a 10 minute drive from the house near the L’Eclerc (view map).

Clinique Veterinaire des Pommiers
64 Bis Avenue Division Leclerc

Tel: 02 333 45 17 68

Depending on what ferry and cabin you book, you will either be able to take your dog into a dog-friendly cabin or you will have to leave them in the car for the duration of the journey. When they are left in the car, you are not able to go down and visit them during the crossing, but there are veterinary nurses on board who will come and alert you if your dog becomes distressed.

Note: Pets under three months of age are not allowed to travel to France.

All information can be found at:

Food Shopping

Croissants and bread available at the baker at Belvar Gare which is a 20-minute walk from the house - fantastic sausages and meat next door.

Supermarkets at Coutances – 10-minute drive to Le Clerc - can be seen off the main road.

Best Markets

Saturday: Granville – large food market, clothes, and rugs.
Agon Coutainville – small food market, clothes.

Tuesday: Portbail – Pretty town

Thursday: Coutances and Barneville Carteret Antiques, furniture, and bric-a-brac.

Must go to: Depot Vente – Coutances

La Cle des Temps, La Belle Hotesse, 50200 Coutances

Special Antique Markets

There are various Brocante and Agenda des vide-greniers at the side of the road for antiques and sundries

Restaurants – Specifically Recommended

1. L’At Home - A favourite

2. La Cal - Cafe
Jazz at the beach - Very reasonably priced

3. La Cote St Pierre - Coutances - excellent
Very French cooking

4. Le Salicon - Agon Countainville – excellent (Michelin Star)

5. Dos Camillo - Family restaurant, Coutances.

Local Restaurants with Disabled Access

Auberge de l’Abbaye, Hambye

La Baratte, St Denis le Vetu

Les Bruyeres, Gouvets

Le Four a Bois (Pizza), Agon Coutainville

Restaurant Intuition, St Lo

Parfum Poivre, Granville

Delice de Lili (Chinese), Coutances

Walks/Cycle Hire

1. Agon Coutainville - Blainville Sur Mer

2. Point d’Agon - Agon Coutainville – beach walk

3. Bicycle Rides - Four adult bicycles and one young adult bicycle in shed. Ask the concierge. (These are used at your own risk – no liability accepted)

4. Cycle Hire -


Sand Sailing - Agon Coutainville

Must Do

House of Dior - House that Christian Dior was born in and has an exhibition twice a year. Granville